About Us

Szacsvay Imre Our school, because of its good results, the educational level and the promoted value, was always ranked in between the best Hungarian institutes. Even in the communist era, the school had a good reputation – reason why it kept all classes now days. Another important movement in the past years was when the Hungarian elementary classes from the old number 14th / Dacia Elementary School, moved to our institution, so now our school, being in the center of the city, covers a big area from the City Hall to the train station, but also kids from near localities are coming to our school, specially when their parents work in the city.

We always put hard work in the highlight, this is the reason why we have such good results at the subject Olympics, on local, regional, national and international levels, and because of this it was a great thing to become the “Szacsvay Imre” Elementary School in 2011. Now we believe even more in Szacsvay’s statement: “The real, the true freedom is not given trough wars or rebellions, it’s created by the almighty fire of the mind”

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